The service of Executive Search began during the post-war period of the 20th century as a reaction to the necessity of the rapidly growing economy reorganization.

This service arrived in Russia and CIS with the age of perestroika as an answer to the new economic situation and the demand for professionals, not existing in USSR before.

During that period, there was maximum demand for use of international experience and relocation of foreign managers (expatriates). Eventually, executive search consultants turned their attention to cooperation’s’ with talented Russian top-managers. At the moment, the market situation allows us to maintain a healthy balance between Russian and foreign top-managers, selected with the help of  Executive Search consultants, such as Foster Woods Executive Search.

Our main method is the method of direct search; this consists of detailed and coherent research of a targeted market of candidates. We search according to the individual demands of the client, the search only occurs after a detailed analysis of a company's inner structure. At this stage Executive Search consultants help the client to formulate the main tasks and description of job responsibilities for the candidate. They also discuss the level of compensational expectations and define the terms of the work performance.

The next stage includes the identification of possible candidates, negotiations with candidates, and client's consulting about the conditions of their candidates’ possible recruitment.

When a successful candidate has been chosen, Foster Woods Executive Search  regularly contacts both the client and the candidate, and works to facilitate the smooth integration of the executive manager into the company's structure.

To the client company Foster Woods Executive Search provides "life-long" off limits on the successful candidate.



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